How can we help?

• Script consultation: Research for writers, authenticate dialogue of Military slang and technical   jargon.
• Assist with Department heads i.e. Prop Master, Weapons Cord, Art Dept. etc.
• Historical research for all departments.
• Casting bits and extras.
• Liaison with Historical Reenactors.
• Battle Choreography.
• Weapons handling and Safety.
• Train and Coach actors (Boot Camp), to include dialogue, customs, courtesies, protocol (i.e.   how and when to salute) as well as the dynamics of specific roles in the Military hierarchy.
• Instruction in the proper use of Military equipment (i.e. radios, mortars, scuba gear).
• Wear and appearance of Military uniforms.
• Military Vehicle training and services (tracked and wheeled).
• Looping and realistic radio chatter.
• Cadences.
• ADR working with the actors on military dialogue.
• Law Enforcement SWAT.
• Modern warfare.
• Period Military.
• Ancient Greek and Roman warfare.

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