Rudy Socha & Carolyn Darrow
Above & Beyond, Paducah, KY
Turner Publishing Company, 2003. ISBN 1563119498


Success Stories: James Dever, Hollywood Military Technical Advisor
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Matt Zoller Seitz and James Dever discuss U.S. military's influence on films
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The Heat discusses U.S. military's influence on Hollywood
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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Interview - Godzilla
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Sunday Mirror
26 February 2006, pg. 40 &41, by: Deborah Sherwood
I Put The Ache Into Jake (UK)


Mixing Home and War: Anatomy of a Scene From 'American Sniper'

The Credits
A Q&A With James Dever, Military Advisor On American Sniper

Business Insider
Military Advisor On 'Godzilla' Explains Why Red Flares Are Used To Combat The Monster

Business Insider
Here's How The Military Would Actually Fight Godzilla

Task & Purpose
An Inside Look At Why Hollywood Screws Up Its Portrayals Of The Military

The Washoington Post
Making Chris Kyle's 'American Sniper': Clint Eastwood's staff weighs in on what they changed

Writers Guild of America, West
A Few Compassionate Men

Director Jonathan Liebesman, Producer's Ori Marmur & Jeffrey Churnov, James D. Dever, and Screenwriter Chris Bertolini On Set Interview: Battle Los Angeles

One Room With A View
1 July 2014
12 Rounds with James D. Dever

Sunday Telegraph
21 May 2006, pg. 123, by: Stephen Corby
Jarhead Giveaway (Australia) 

Marine Corps Times
27 March 2006, pg. 14, by: Gidget Fuentes
Boon or Bust? (USA) 

The New York Times Magazine
13 November 2005, Vol. Section 6, Iss. The movie Issue, pg. 97, by: Peter de Jonge
Hollywood Goes to War (USA) 

Hawaii Marine
24 August 2000, Vol. 29, Iss. 34, pg. A-6, by: LCpl M.Trent Lowry
Hollywood trains aboard K-Bay for "Windtalkers" (USA) 

Marine Corps Times
3 July 2000, pg. 25, by: Gidget Fuentes
Movie chronicles plight of Vietnamese refugees (USA)

11 January 2006, pg. A15, by: Joshua Marks
'Jarhead' gives crew taste of war (USA)

First Command Magazine
2006, pg. 6-8, by: Mark Leach 
Lights, Camera, Combat (USA)
COVER PHOTOS   First Command Magazine 2006 (USA)

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